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FORESTY HEMP BAG UDHYOG a manufacture company of various unique hand loom bohemian products from the forest   fiber is a company under kingdom Nepal.  We manufacture various types of unique vintage handmade bohemian   fabric, bags & accessories   using hand and traditional hand operating machines by our cheerful, hardworking ,very creative &skilled  manpower(local women).  With maximum utilization of locally produced   available natural and eco-friendly   raw materials like hemp and nettle (allo), we are manufacturing   our various products and has been exporting it to various parts of the world.

As all our products are made from both natural and local raw materials   therefore they are eco-friendly and do not cause deforestation but in fact helps reduce it. We mainly concentrate on manufacturing various ethnic , unique, and vintage handmade bohemian products  and promoting it across the world to encourage and uplift the skills and lifestyle of people  of the regions from the raw material  originates. we  employ as  many workers as possible   from a range of social  and economic levels ,while offering benefits such as  health care and  their child’s education.

We believe in fair trade leading to social benefits and are not focused on profit alone. Our products includes:

-ethnic & unique cotton garments :-  Hoodie,  jacket, tank top ,skirt ,wrapper, top, long sleeves blouse, head band, scarf, etc.

-hemp and nettle (allo) products such as:- backpack, rucksack, cross body  bag, hats, wallets, side bags, scarf, handbag etc.

Our bother products are :-notebook , card gift box, visiting card photography paper, bamboo products, glass products, smoking pipe, Buddhists rituals products, lokta  products for export across the world.

We encourage our customers to request and suggest custom designs. One’s imagination is the only limit.

Most of our raw materials such as wool , jute, bamboo, banana, linen, nettle,  hemp, cotton, silk, pashmina,  and paper products come from different villages of Nepal .

Local villagers collect hemp  and nettle in quantities that do not adversely affect the bio-system, to keep harvest eco –friendly .Production begins  with soaking  the plant  fibre, which is then boiled with ash to bleach it and make it soft .  after drying on rocks for several days  under sun ,the fibre is  turned  into  thread  by hand  and delivered to looms to be weaving  into fabric.  Hemp fabric is bit harder than nettle and   more durable than cotton .  These  natural  fibre  fabrics are considered healthy  for the  wearer ,providing warmth in winter and helping one stay cool in summer .

We export our products  anywhere in the world. Our many satisfied customers , especially in Europe and North America, are testimony  to the quality and reliability  of  Himalayan  Handicrafts  Industry.

For International Order:

Email: Forestfnepal@gmail.com


NO   +9779851151366/ +9779849598175 with WhatsApp viber

Product Manager:

Suren  Aidi  NO +9779860411699  with WhatsApp viber