HEMP 340

1      Side bag

2      Heavy weight one year durable hemp passport bag

3      Good quality heavy duty Hemp fabric and Runner zipper use this bag

4      Fabric=Mountain area naturally growing hemp plant. Local woman collect, pressing, making yearn by hand. Local woman group make this fabric made by hand loom.

5      Color=reactive color (vat dying)

6      Outside fabric=Hemp 60% cotton 40%by handloom                inside fabric=good Nepali cotton fabric

7      In between=outside fabric and inside fabric in between use water proof BOPP synthetic fabric use this bag

8      Size=L          Weight=500 gram

9      Top to bottom=13 inch

10    bag wide = 12 inch

11    Strap width=2 inch

12    Strap Length= 54 inch    

13    Adjustable=good

14    Round width=3 inch

15    Front pocket= Sam photo                                    If you need more information contact company email     

16    if you need your product logo we put this bag in and outside is possible 
Made in Nepal

HEMP 340

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